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Modern education is increasingly reliant on new technologies that optimize productivity and security to help educators instruct students more efficiently and effectively in any learning environment. 

Carahsoft’s third annual EdTech Talks summit was designed to educate academic IT decision-makers and end users about the performance, security, cost-saving and modernization benefits of today’s leading EdTech solutions. This series featured topics ranging from school safety to student experience—concluding with leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. Exclusive access to select presentation recordings from this remarkable summit are available below.

Building a Safe Learning Environment: A Comprehensive Look at Security in Education

In this engaging expert panel discussion, you'll hear from Conan Taylor at Crowdstrike, Mark Serdar at Kokomo 24/7, and Todd Thoreson at Crashplan. Together, they take a deep dive into security in education and what it will take to build a truly safe learning environment. Learn how emerging technologies, like AI, can help IT teams better understand the various factors that are impacting their threat landscape.

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Unlocking the Power of Visibility, Automation, and Incident Readiness in Public Sector

Cybersecurity transformation has become imperative for today's educational institutions. Hunter Ely, SLED Field Strategist, from Palo Alto Networks, reveals the power of visibility, automation, and incident readiness when transforming systems in order to enable a seamless and secure distance learning experience for students, parents and educators alike.

Unleash Your Full Potential: Exploring the Impact of Technology on Student Growth and Development

Gain insights from Brandon Smith, Executive Director for Ball State University Digital Corps, and Chris Coulther, President of Sales for i-Context, as they discuss how technology can impact student growth and development. Learn how to ensure that all of the great data, research, and communicative engagement in progress at your educational institution can be protected and secured by design.

How Observability is Enabling Better Student and Teacher Experiences

In the rapidly evolving technology space in education, it has become imperative that IT teams understand the power of observability. Traditionally, Network monitoring only answers what is happening on the network, but observability takes it a step further and answers why things are happening. Discover how observability has been a game changer for IT teams in education.

The Future is Now: Modernizing Education with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Hear experts from Kovexa, Google Cloud, Databricks and iSchoolConnect discuss the impact generative AI has on educational institutions. Learn how K-12 and higher education IT teams are implementing generative AI in a wide array of processes, including enrollment, and gain expert advice on navigating the security and governance of data as educational institutions explore the possibilities of generative AI.

Leveraging AI & Analytics in Education to Drive Innovation

Explore the innovative ways that technology is helping schools safeguard learning environments, personalize student experiences and modernize with advancements in data analytics. Learn how an end-to-end analytics platform can not only fulfill the promises of AI, but also bring speed and productivity that you never imagined possible. See how you can use these insights to develop a solution to reach thousands of students in real-time.

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Carahsoft’s technology manufacturers and reseller partners are committed to providing IT products, services and training to support Government agencies as well as Healthcare and Education organizations. Carahsoft is a leading IT distributor and top-performing E&I Cooperative Services, Golden State Technology Solutions, Internet2, NJSBA, OMNIA Partners and The Quilt contract holder, enhancing student learning and enabling faculty to meet the needs of Higher Education institutions and K-12 schools.

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