Discover the Latest Technology Solutions for State and Local Government

State and local governments are important institutions in our society that provide critical services to constituents. Carahsoft understands the importance of providing state and local governments with essential technology to improve operations and services.

Fortunately, Carahsoft works closely with state and local organizations to obtain the right IT solutions to meet their unique requirements. Whether funding construction projects, law enforcement agencies, education initiatives or other essential day-to-day public services, Carahsoft's extensive library of solutions can help provide secure and effective pathways to the future.

Now is your chance to explore some of these solutions through the exclusive webinar library below.

AI Can Boost Election Integrity, if Done Correctly

It has become clear that maintaining U.S. election integrity is a collective responsibility of all agencies. Explore the types of threats election officials are most worried about leading up to the 2024 elections, where artificial intelligence can contribute to protecting the integrity of voting systems and processes best, and the role IT departments play in election cybersecurity, including protecting against breaches and scams.

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Go for Gold in F5 Solutions: BIG-IP Next

Finally, there is a way to simplify and consolidate your IT Infrastructure through platformization, leverage more AI/ML in your solutions, and accelerate your modernization efforts. Explore F5’s Next platform and understand how this new generation OS for BIG-IP can reduce operational complexity with easier upgrades, automation, cluster management, and centralized control.

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Election Staffing Governance: Securing the Identities of Seasonal Election Workers

Provisioning identity security for seasonal election workers presents a myriad of challenges for government election boards and commissions. Implementing robust identity security measures and leveraging automated solutions becomes imperative to uphold the integrity and credibility of the electoral process and maintain public trust. Discover how to rapidly and securely onboard seasonal election workers and implement role-based access control.

How Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Can Boost Election Integrity and Public Perception

Review the success of a recent hacker challenge conducted by the Election Security Research Forum and leading voting technology providers — and how you can leverage the findings to improve your security stance. Explore the intersection of IT infrastructure and cybersecurity, and how CVD can help you improve your internal processes while building trust with your constituents. 

From the Front Lines to Leadership: How Law Enforcement Can Tackle Crypto

According to Chainalysis’ recent survey, 74% of respondents say agency employees currently are not well-equipped to investigate cryptocurrency-related crime. However, they’re seeing a rise in criminal activity. Discover why frontline officers need additional resources to investigate the growing volume of illicit activity and learn what leaders can do to support the skills development needs of frontline officers to investigate crime related to emerging technologies.

Reduce Risk, Enhance Response: Ransomware Defense Strategies for State & Local Government

Every year, ransomware continues to be a persistent and evolving threat in the realm of cybersecurity. Defending your agency against these threats requires proactive strategies and robust measures. Take a look at strategies that can help you to protect your organization against ransomware attacks. Learn how Forescout's expertise can help guide you in implementing changes today that will fortify your defenses for tomorrow.

The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®

Carahsoft is The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®. Our technology manufacturers and reseller partners are committed to providing IT products, services and training to support Government agencies as well as Healthcare and Education organizations. As the Master Government Aggregator®, Carahsoft holds over 100 State contracts and cooperative purchasing vehicles, including NASPO ValuePoint, OMNIA Partners, PEPPM and GSA, to meet the technology needs of State and Local Governments across the U.S.

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